The Messiah's Signature


The Messiah's Signature

The Messiah’s Signature

For Jeanette Chapman-Little, the Lord is her reason for living. She celebrates His glory in her book, The Messiah’s Signature. This compilation of prose and poetry aims to give guidance to anyone’s life, especially for those who need God the most. Accompanied by Bible verses and captivating images, this heartfelt book is sure to inspire and motivate.

Jeanette Chapman-Little

About the Author

Jeanette Chapman-Little moved to America from her home country of Wales during the mid–eighties. She resided in Florida and in Washington State, before she settled down in Texas in 2000. She decided to publish her book after much encouragement from the directors of the San Antonio Christian Writers Group.

The Messiah's Signature


Vow never to deny Jesus, no matter the circumstances.
For a gracious God is guiding His dearly beloved, Home,
where, one sweet day,
we will emerge a glorious finished product
even unto perfection . . .

Rooted in His Abundance;
bestowed with divine ability,
traverse the trials of everyday reality,
and He will guide you safely Home.

So let go and let God,
for with Him you have endless abilities.
Committing to Him, even the most menial task,
you will experience, daily,
the strength of living for Jesus.

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